Ready to get started? What you need to know

If you're looking to process STCs or VEECs, its important to familiarise yourself with what will be required. As for the use of FormBay, you need a browser, an iPhone, iPad2, Android phone or Tablet. And that's it.

If you want to process Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Before you can process your own STCs, you will need to first register with ORER ( (pronounced Or-Rah!) and then UPDGRADE to become an AGENT.

ORER will require you to supply it with a STC assignment form, which you will be able to generate off your FormBay system by click on the PDF icon in the forms column. ORER ask to sight this form to ensure it is compliant.

For working FormBay into your organisation, the best way to make progress is to place a key person in the role of information manager. Essentially this person should manage the incoming and outgoing information for your FormBay account. We will be communicating with this person whenever we find an issue with compliance.

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If you want to process Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs)

VEECs can only be created by Accredited Persons who successfully complete specified Prescribed Activities. There are around 30 Prescribed Activities covered by the VEET scheme. Certain activities - such as replacement of a hot water service or light globes - are not deemed to have been completed until the old appliance or product has been rendered permanently unusable.

Once an Accredited Person has successfully completed a Prescribed Activity on behalf of an energy consumer, that energy consumer must sign what is known as a VEEC assignment form. By signing the VEEC assignment form, the energy consumer 'assigns' to the Accredited Person the right to create the VEECs relating to that particular Prescribed Activity. The VEEC assignment form contains important information that the Accredited Person will need in order to create VEECs.

The Accredited Person uses the information on the VEEC assignment form - such as the consumer's name and address and details of the product installed - to complete a VEEC Creation Form (VEEC Creation Forms usually contain data from dozens if not hundreds of separate VEEC assignment forms). The Accredited Person then submits the VEEC Creation Form to the ESC. After the data on the form passes detailed quality checks - including being matched against an address database - a specific number of VEECs are created.

Soon you will be able to process VEECs through our software. If you are interested in using FormBay for this process, please contact us.

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