Our Talented Team

FormBay is made up of a small team of talented people. We have a good balance of technology and service focused skill sets. We all believe in building a culture of open communication and working as a tight team.

Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan, Director

Dan comes from the web devlopment industry and has been involved in the renewable energy sector for the past 3 years. Daniel has a passion for providing automation and restoring his old EK holden ute. Dan wants to abolish paper forms.

Neha Priya, FormBay

Neha Priya, Compliance & User Support

Neha runs the checking team and the compliance issues log. Chances are every signature, every invoice will be checked by Neha. Neha has a passion for tennis and can be found either watching it on TV or at the event.

Dan Lagos, FormBay

Dan Lagos, Programming Architect

Mr Lagos is the man we walk quietly around as he is responsible for coding the core functionality that drives the FormBay platform. Dan’s latest work will be released soon, as we look to expand. Dan loves playing guitar and playing chess (at the same time).

Dan Lagos, FormBay

Jazzy Singh, User Design & Support

Jaz is the guy that listens through supporting the end user which he then translates into valuable changes which aim to improve the platform's usability. Jaz is a user experience designer. Jaz enjoys DJing on the weekends and is a keen fisherman.

Melissa Lewin, FormBay

Melissa Lewin, Accounts Manager

Melissa is an ex-chalkie (AKA a school teacher) and now handles all Formbay’s accounts. Melissa keeps the cogs turning so to speak and makes sure the electricity stays on. She is married with two lovely daughters and enjoys to dabble in arts and crafts. Apparently crochet isn't as hard as it seems.