Formbay's REST API allows you to integrate Formbay
with your existing system infrastructure, CRM or simply to download and archive your form data and documents. Using the HTTP 1.1 standard you can create, modify, view and delete forms using any system or programming language library that supports HTTP. The API works in parallel to the usual web interface and can be used interchangably.

For example, the authenticated user can make a request to https://www.forms.formbay.com.au/client_api/pv_form?formid=123 and the response will be a JSON object continuing the form details for you to extract and process as you see fit.

Our REST API is secure and runs over SSL so data is encrypted
end-to-end so your data is safe from prying eyes.

The API is well documented on our wiki so you will have no
headaches trying to work out how to work with our system.

Once you are a Formbay client, you can call our support line
to get your wiki login.