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What does FormBay do?
FormBay is an online platform that allows agents, retailers and installers to process STCs efficiently without the need for paper.

How does the mobile phone App work?
The mobile phone App works in conjuction with your FormBay web platform account. Data captured in the field such as serials, signatures and photos becomes digitalised and instantly sent back to your FormBay platform and automatically collated and attached to the relevant installation.

What do I need to use FormBay and the App?

All you need is an internet connection and devices that are preferable are iPhone 4+, iPad2, Android tablets and phones. If you would like to process for yourself, you will need to set up a Rec Registry account (Click here to find out how).

What are the benfits to using FormBay?
FormBay allows your processing of STCs to be completely paperless through the use of our App. It also allows you to manage your own creation of STCs through a stable, secure platform and improve turnaround times and efficiencies.

Do I need to install anything for FormBay?

Our platform operates securely through the web browser, Firefox. Our App can be download from the App Download or Google Android Market.

Can I brand FormBay with my company branding?
Yes absolutely. There is a development cost of $250.

Does FormBay check the compliance or do we?
Our Compliance Centre does all the final checks for compliance before being submitted through to ORER.

Who handles ORER site audits and uploading to the REC Registry?
We handle the ORER request for documents audits. We do not handle physical site audits. We do all the uploading into your Rec Registry account for you. Our aim is to have all compliant forms submitted that week uploaded before the week's end. If you require any more clarification, please contact us.

Where are all the documents stored, can we keep a copy aswell?
All your documents are stored on our secure server. Your company can arrange a simple shared document server which has back up cababilities. Each night, FormBay will batch process and transfer all the days data onto your server. This documentation needs to be kept for 7 years. Please contact our one of our technical staff for more information.

We have our own systems, can I integrate with FormBay?
Through the use of APIs, integration can be customised to suit your needs. The aim of integration is avoid double entry of data and to relay information back to your internal systems.

What are some of the roles I need in my organisation for using FormBay?
It's preferable to assign the data entry and management of the FormBay web platform to at least one main Administration person to ensure continuity and efficiency in your business. If you would like to integrate with your current systems, you will need to put us in contact with your IT person.

Do you have any process & procedure manuals our staff can use?

Most of the basic functions of how to use our software are available for download in our Resources section. You can find them here.


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